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About Elephants

Learn more about the elephants we’re campaigning to save.

Today, wild elephants are fighting for survival in every place they’re found – the threats of habitat loss, conflict with humans, loss of food sources, poaching, and climate change, combined with their low numbers and slow reproductive rate, are pushing them towards extinction.

Without our help, it’s a fight they can’t win. Action must be taken at all levels to protect them and their habitats, and to provide incentives for communities who live alongside elephants to benefit from sustainable rather than consumptive solutions.

Elephants have been around for millions of years and used to number in their millions. Today it’s estimated there are less than 400,000 remaining. If we don’t act now to secure a future for the last remaining elephants, these supremely intelligent, emotionally sentient and socially complex creatures face extinction in the wild – on our watch and by our own doing.

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‘It is painful beyond words to imagine a world without wild elephants, but that is where we are heading very quickly. For every conceivable reason we must all band together, and do absolutely everything we can to stop the mindless obliteration of these thoughtful, intelligent and utterly magnificent creatures.’

Zac Goldsmith

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